CodeNEXT is a big change to Austin: CodeNEXT is a proposed land use (“zoning”) plan to dramatically reshape Austin. CodeNEXT increases population density. It does so by taxing property at the rate set by the most-dense use of that property.

Should you have a say on CodeNEXT? The petition requires a citizens vote on CodeNEXT.  The petition is the only way for you, and all Austinites, to have a direct say on CodeNEXT.
Sign the petition to require a citizens vote on CodeNEXT. Here’s how:
♦ Your petition signature must be on a physical piece of paper.
♦ You cannot “sign” the petition on-line.
♦ The pet
ition must be printed, signed, and returned to us.
♦ Only Austin registered voters can sign the petition.
♦ Information about you as a registered Austin voter is required.
♦ Your signature must be on the same piece of paper as the petition language itself. There’s space for 3 signatures on each page.
♦ You can (and should) ask other people to sign. 3 signatures per page.
♦ Mail or deliver your signed petition(s) to:

Let Us Vote Austin SPAC
309 East 11th St, Suite 2
Austin, TX 78701

Ready to print, sign, and return your petition?
Will you volunteer to help us?
Will you donate to the petition drive?
Need more explanation and instruction?

The petition requires both a waiting period and voter approval by an election before CodeNEXT, or any other comprehensive revision of the City’s land development laws, is legally effective. The petition requires a public vote to approve the momentous policy change of CodeNEXT. Voter approval will ensure CodeNEXT isn’t decided by and for special interests or the city bureaucracy. Here’s the petition.

Sign once: Please only sign the petition one time, even if you’re asked to sign it more than once. Many organizations are helping pass the petition. Community Not Commodity and IndyAustin have the same petition.

No printer? If you do not have access to a printer, click here and we can mail the petition to you.